Free people search helps you find people free with people search and public records pages. Free people search to find people with search and public records pages. Find a death, marriage, divorce or birth certificate. A person can be found using search boxes, most like the one below that gives white pages type free address information or private data. What you get from these can assist you searching for anyone or can lead to arrest or criminal history which can give address, phone and other identification that will bring others closer.

Str82u Networks Privacy Policy

Updated: 07/06/10
At Str82u Networks we value your privacy as much as you do. In no instance will we sell, trade or offer your personal information or the information you may have shared with us. The only information we collect from you will fall below one or more of the following areas.

1.) Cookies - We track visitor information that includes browser version, screen resolution, the site that referred a visitor such as other websites or search engines which also includes the search phrase used to find us. The cookie only contains information about us, not you. The cookie is only a means to evaluate what parts of our site are more popular and how often the same visitors revisit the searches.
We use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.

2.) Forms - If you fill out a request form or any other contact form on our site that sends your personal information to us directly, we store this information in a secure database that is not located on the internet. We do not offer this information to any other group or person for any reason, it is simply used to insure accuracy and initiate contact that you requested.

3.) Forums or Membership - By signing up to any forums or activating membership (when available) you submit information about yourself to us that we use only to contact you directly and to build a membership base. Information you give us may be stored in a secure database but you will have complete control over what information is shared with other members. Any search information shared is used only for the purposes of performing a search you requested and authorized. After your search is completed, the information we collect is given to you then deleted from our records for security. Our database is limited to the location of information available on the internet, not personal information on people or addresses themselves.

In conclusion, we would like to make it a point to assure our users that any information you share with us will remain with us and you can feel safe knowing you are dealing with an ethical group of people who only want you to find what you are looking for, not to give you junk mail or worse that you don't want.

If you feel your privacy has been violated by us or by the use of this site, please contact us here to resolve this issue to your satisfaction.
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