Free people search helps you find people free with people search and public records pages. and many, MANY other websites like it, collect links to community and legal agency pages... the difference? Some sites get big and want to charge an access or membership fee for letting you use them even when they are incomplete. Some are only links to free sites like ours. If you have the time and inclination, which most folks don't seem to, here are a few easy tips to get what you want in the way of personal records or identifying and locating a person.

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For a free people search: Try court record or police reports that state, counties and localities will post on their websites. More and more government agencies don't have a problem scanning an arrest report, which might include a drivers license number or other sensitive data.
From our site, you can find many pages like this.
 It's AMAZING how many times a social security number is written on an official document in a margin or notation, legal documents are considered to be public information. Those include addresses, aliases and who knows what else, it depends on the form they use and the laws concerning the release of files, but most of the time, EVERYTHING is current. Another source like that would be land registries and deeds on file at the local courthouse.

For an Inmate search: This is easy, jails or sheriff's departments will post arrest warrants or population lists right on their sites. Those that don't will usually tell you almost anything over the phone or by email. To find those pages, visit our main page and follow the inmate search links for prison or county jail inmate search in the state you want. Usually you won't get anything more than what the offender is locked up or wanted for, but you can check dates to determine if they are still in a certain area.

One last tip for now: If you want to find people free, TRY! It's understandable that you get frustrated, disappointed or feel like giving up. Not everyone can be found the ways I described, but it is a reliable source and often is the same information you would pay other companies for, so if it's worth a little time and effort to save some money, give it a shot. It's safe to say that more than half of the nation has something about them online, somewhere.

The moral of this article is this: Don't pay anyone for public records right away if you have the time to try it yourself first. YES, it is frustrating, we do it daily and it can be a pain, but when you are successful, it's satisfying and the reward is reconnecting with loved ones or getting help for your situation.

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