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In seven years, this has got to be the all time most asked question here:
"Where can I get a free birth certificate?"

Free Birth Certificate

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The truth is that unless you were born in a rich and friendly rural area, it won't happen.  In seven years of running a free search site and searching for other people I've only had two people say they got theirs for nothing and I didn't see it for myself. The prices I've seen range from $7us to $20us depending on the state or how you get it from them.  Locate the vital records office or courthouse in the place you were born and contact them.  You can find links to the state offices on the site index of vital records.

Here are the common ways to get birth certificates:

  • The easiest thing to do (and cheapest), if you live near where you were born, is to just go into the Vital Records office. Use the link above to find the office nearest you.
  • The slowest, of course, is by mail, and may involve proving who you are, why you want the record and you may also need a form that can be found on their website.  Again, if this is what you want to do, visit the link above to locate the office address you need.
  • Fax is a newer method and includes the same identification process as going by mail, but this is a uncommon method and may not be offered in your state of birth.
  • The fastest and easiest is online. Most states recommend and prefer VitalChek because it's secure, they make an extra fee for it and since they have a contract with VitalChek to process order instantly, there are no back order issues or complaints. This is what I did personally, it cost $15 for the District of Columbia and arrived in about 4 days.

Anyone who wants to try to find a free birth records is going to be most successful if they go to the state search pages and then visit the links to the official state, county, city, town or township sites for that state.  Why I suggest that is because if anyone is going to offer a cheaper or free birth certificate, it is going to be the hometown the birth was registered in, the state vital records office is going to charge a fee no matter what.

Please don't take my word for it, this might be a sales pitch, visit the sites yourself and see because your state may have a alternate way to get it that is cheaper or easier for you. If you find the above to be true, we have a direct relationship with VitalChek , which allows you to skip the middleman (or state in this case) and you can click here to order your birth certificate online now or on any of the other birth certificate ordering links you see on our site.

Of Course, If you know how to get a birth certificate free, email and we'll share it with everyone.

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