Free people search helps you find people free with people search and public records pages. Free people search to find people with search and search Alaska public records free to search for people, find property and other personal information like inmates. Using this can help you with other people searches to get more free. Going to the Alaska vital statistics office in person or ordering birth certificates through the mail may be slightly cheaper than ordering online.

Alaska People Search

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Alaska Birth, Death, Marriage, or Divorce Searches
Certified vital record certificates from the state of Alaska are $20.00 each - NON-REFUNDABLE!
Even if the state employees can't find your document, they will hold the money for three years waiting for your records to show up, then send you a receipt.
Complete instructions on getting these documents by mail are in the request forms.
Click the "Order Online" links to compare internet pricing, it may cost less to order online.
Alaska Birth Certificate
Alaska Birth Certificate Mail-In Request Form
Heirloom Birth Certificates
Order Alaska Birth Certificate Online
Alaska Death Certificate
Alaska Death Certificate Mail In Request Form
Find An Alaska Death In Public Records
Order Alaska Death Certificate Online
Alaska Divorce Certificate
Divorce Certificate Mail-In Request Form
Find An Alaska Divorce In Public Records
Order Alabama Marriage Certificate Online
Alaska Marriage Certificate
Alaska Marriage Certificate Request Form
Find An Alaska Marriage In Public Records
Heirloom Alaska Marriage Certificates
Order Alaska Marriage Certificate Online
Additional Resources: All Alaska Databases
Alaska county jail inmate lookup and arrest warrants
Alaska department of corrections offender search
Alaska free public records

Public Services
Alaska Borough Sites

This is the current list of websites managed by the different boroughs in Alaska. These sites can provide information on county courthouses, area information, legal documents as well as county sponsored community projects, vital statistics and jail or correctional institutions.

Alaska City Sites

This is our current list of websites managed or representing the cities in the state of Alaska. These sites can be helpful for local information, city detention centers, civic projects and local business. Another useful purpose is to find people free by using locals who may know more than the internet.

Alaska Drivers license, Vehicle Title and Registration Information

Getting driving records in Alaska may require personal information to authenticate you as the actual person that is doing the DMV search.

Drivers License / State Id

Driving Records

Vehicle Registration

Vehicle Titles

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